16 August 1944

  • Task Forces 1 and z continued their attack on Fromentel. Very heavy interdiction fire was fired by the battalion during the night and early morning. Some 32 observed missions were fired and were reported to have been exceptionally effective, neutralizing the fire of anti-tank guns, dispersing enemy infantry and forcing their tanks to withdraw. Total rounds fired-3201. TF 1 advanced to a point about 2,ooo yards south of Fromentel while TF 2 reached a point just north of Louge-sur-Maire. The Battalion went into position for the night just northwest of Annebeoq.

    17 August 1944

  • All forces continued to meet very strong opposition during the day, the enemy fighting to keep his escape routes open. CCA entered the town of Fromentel from the south and east, while CCB advanced across the east-west road and was through the town by 22oo. The 391st fired a total of 40 missions during the day on a variety of enemy targets; two missions were smoke missions, marking targets for supporting bombers.

    18 August 1944

  • The battalion remained in direct support of CCB Task Force i in their attack to take the high ground southwest of Putances, reinforced by the fire of the 45th, 67th, and 87th Armored Field Artillery Battalions, plus one hattery of the I83rd FA . CCB secured its objective at 1100.

  • A small task force was sent out by TF 1 with Lt. Fehl as artillery observer, to establish road block west of Putances. This force, at 1220, made contact with the British 11th. Armored Division just south of Putances. The Falaise Gap was closed. Task Forces 1 and 2 consolidated the objective and defensive fires were planned. The 391st turned all future fires over to the 87th Armored Field Artillery Battalion and began a period of rest and maintenance. At Combat Command Headquarters there was a period of tension.

  • Messengers ran in and out of the command tent. Radio men bent to catch transmissions, and rushed to deliver their hastily scrawled message blanks. Continually the staff poured over the well-worn and marked maps. Then it came. Call Sign - Repeat - Call Sign. "We have met the Tea Drinkers. Did you get that? We have met the Tea Drinkers." Everyone got it at once. The Gap was closed. The crack German 7th Army was within a circle of steel.

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