Gome& Lofton

Raymond Goeme and Maria Loshem In Ligneuville.
Mr. Goeme acts as interpreter during interview
with Madam Loshem.
Mr. Goeme has been very helpful toward
Americans and local Belgiums with letters
and documents as he knew French and
English fluently, and always willing to help.


Madam Marie Loshem
In Ligneuville during an interview with Madam Marie Loshem with Monsieur Raymond Goeme of Beaufays, Belgium interpreting; Madam Loshem told me her sister was milking a cow when she saw a column of tanks approaching the village around the curve in the road. She did not pay any attention to them at first because they looked like American tanks, but the first two were German tanks painted just like an American tank. She then ran to tell her sister. The Germans took eight American prisoners in the Hotel du Moulin. Madam Loshem said she saw the Germans take the eight prisoners outside in the back of the hotel and shoot and kill them one by one. Later her sister married a G I and now lives in St. Louis, MO