This is Maria Terf of Parfondruy 1998

Celina Petes Terf and sister Maria Terf 1989

She was living there in December 1944
Marie was a younger teen ager in 1944 and is the only known living witness to any of the atrocities in Parfondruy.

"This is her story" as told to me in 1989

I was living with my family in Parfondruy across the street from Paul Kline and his family in December 1944. On the 20th of December, 1944, I looked out the window and saw German soliders coming down the street from Peti Coo. I heard noises and went out on our side porch. I saw some Germans soldiers bang on the door of the Kline house. Paul's grandfather opened the door and the Germans shot him. Then they shot his mother. I screamed and they heard me and saw me and came running over.

One of them put his pistol to my head and I was waiting to be killed when I heard the voice of an Officer who shouted to the the German soldier holding the pistol at my head. "What are you doing he yelled at the Soldier?" He pushed him aside and grabbed me by the arm and told me to go. There were seven of us in the house. We all ran across the bridge and turned left on the road to Moulin du Ruy. I was able to meet some people who helped me to safety. I was in shock.

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