Date: 20 December 1944 Location: Sourbrodt, Belgium Description: Tec 4 Thomas Richardson, Colfax, Washington, left, and Tec 5 George Leach, Wellston, Ohio, hold one of the German parachutes found in a forest, scene of one of the German  counterthrusts. Both men are members of Company "F", 32rd Regiment, 3rd Armored Division, First US Army.

Date: 25 December 1944

Location: Soy, Belgium


Private Charles E. Keeton, of Pittsburgh, Kan., Eighty-third Recon. Bn., 3rd Armored Division,Soy, Belgium, sprawlsout on the ground for some much needed sleep after his trying experiences in Belgium.



Date: Unknown Location: between Manhay and Grandmeud, Belgium Description: One of the German tanks destroyed in fighting at Manhay between Manhay and Grandmeud, Belgium.  


Location: Manhay, Belgium Description: An American tank destroyer (M-36) mounting a 90mm gun is pulled out of the ditch near Manhay, Belgium. Co B, 703D Td Bn, 3d Armd Div, FUSA.


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