Desert Heat

Sgt. Lizak and Two Buddies

Pictures Of Sgt. Edward Lizak of Hq/83 Recon Submitted By His Son; Richard

Brighton     Pollard     Sgt. Lizak       Mason
Taken in Mojave Dessert

Pictures of Sgt Ed Lizak & Two Buddies




Lizak and crew

Hey Louise

Lizak in Germany

It Gets Warm In The Mojave for Sgt.Lizak & Crew

Hey Louise

Sgt Lizak in Germany




Big Brutus

WW II Rations

Bronze Star

Big Brutus

Sample of Sgt Lizak's Food

Sgt Lizak's Bronze Star




Lizak's Officer

Lizak and Crew

Armored Car

Sgt. Lizak's Platoon Officer

Sgt. Lizak & Crew in Germany

Lizak's Driver Of Armored Car In Germany

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