Robert N. Laurent (B/83rd Recon) of Hollywood, California, is possesed of a photograph with, written on the back in French, "souvenir of your passing the Belgo-Alleman de frontier September 11, 1944" and attested to by the Lonneux family of Coulee, Henri Chapelle.This was about 8"30 a.m.On this basis Laurent says "That either I was the first to enter Germany, or that I was close to being the first to enter Germany and Roetgen as anyone could get, there is absolutely no doubt. I was certainly not following in anyone's tracks."
Charles B. MacDonald, in his authorative "The Siegfried Line Campaign," credits five men from the second platoonĄ Troop B, 85th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, 5th Armored Division, of crossing the German border to the west bank of the our river at 1805 hours September 11, 1944. There is no indication they went through the dragon's teeth of the Siegfried Line.
Capt. A. Eaton Roberts, in his "Five Stars to Victory," the exploits of Task Force Lovelady, states: "At 1451 hours, a platoon from reconnaissance company, 33rd Armored Regiment, led by Lieutenant Burroughs, crossed the border, followed instantly by the main body of Task Force Lovelady."

CORBIN: At the time I was driving a peep with Lt. Harvey Patterson following Col Lovelady in his peep.
Bear in mind that after World War I in 1919 the Germany border changed until 1940 when Hitler mover the lines back into Belgium. In 1945 they were restored to the 1919 ones.
Robert Laurent's story and signed pictures were checked out by Henri Rogister the Secretary of CRIBA and found to be exact.
1st. LT. Richard S. Burrows was killed the next day across the Dragon Teeth after taking Rooetgen on September 12, according to what Col Lovelady told me in his interview. Haynes Dugan the Historian of the 3 AD ASSN was the auther of the above article.

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