From: "Jan Blake" Dear Mr. Corbin: I am researching and writing about a collision between an M3 tank and a Santa Fe train at the Desert Training Center on the early morning of Sept. 14, 1942. The collision site was approximately 7 miles north of Camp Iron Mountain. One crewman was killed, Tech 4th Grade George F. Wall of Fort Worth, TX. At this time, I believe the tank was part of the 3AD, which was based at Camp Iron Mtn. then. Faint markings on the tank hull suggest the tank was a part of the 32nd AR. I am seeking anyone who may have knowledge of this incident. You would please post this letter for your members to read? Dear Mr. Corbin: In my rush to email you last night, I did not list the surviving crewmembers: Pvt. Mathew J. Patalsky of Wilmerding, PA Pvt. Raymond L. Erickson of Hamel, MN Corp. Francis X. Tiernan of Boonville, IA Also, the full (but faint) unit markings on the wrecked tank hull appear to be: 32-2-1. This is based on an Army photo.

Thank you again,
Francis G. Blake Fullerton, CA
Contributing Editor, ARMY MOTORS

Dear Charles,
It has been a while, but you may remember me writing to you before. This time it is to inform you and veterans of the Spearhead Division that a presentation plaque is planned to be unveiled next September (2003) at the Woolstore, at Codford, Wiltshire. This will be done 60 years after the US Army entered Codford for the first time.
I would very much like to hear from those former soldiers who might recall their time in Codford prior to going to the ETO. I'd also like to have more information on what went on in the Woolstore when the soldiers were there.

Best Wishes,
Simon Lerenfort

Dear Mr Corbin,    10-4-2002
I am writing a book about the experiences of the men who fought in the Huertgen Forest where my husband, Lt Ralph Spaans, was KIA 1944, to include the Ardennes and Monschau Forests. Would it be possible to use your message board to let the men of the
3rd Armored and their families know about the book, which I hope to finish early next year?

Many thanks,
Padda (Spaans) 28th Infantry,
The Keystone Division - Roll On...Roll On...Roll On

Mr. Corbin:
My name is Gerry Wyrsch. My father Fredrick ("Fred") R. Wyrsch, served with the 3AD during WWII. I know that he at least achieved the rank of CAPT, although there are unsubstantiated reports that he received a field commission to MAJ shortly prior to his receiving his last wounds in the final days of the war. Regrettably, he passed away in 1964 when I was 7 years old and I have very little information about his service. Attempts to obtain information from the VA are nil, in that they report his records lost I believe he was with the 32AR.  I am writing to ask how I could go about learning more of my father's experiences during the war. If you have suggestions or guidance of any kind, please advise.

Thank you.
Gerry Wyrsch.

Dear Gerry
Your Dad was in either G or H/32
I know that Col. Richardson was Commander of 3rd. Battalion, of the 32nd. G,H, I/32 all medium tanks and one C Co. light tanks attached I could not find any of the names on the back of the pictures, or in my 3 AD Assn Book. I have a roster of I/32.. I met Gen Richardson In Tx in 1996. He was still living in Nov.2000


Dear Mr. Corbin, Sorry to disturb you but I found your name on the 3rd Armored Division Association web page. I am looking for anyone who may have known or who may have information concerning my great uncle. His name was Joseph P. Henry. My family believes he was assigned to F company 32d Armor however, I received a casualty report from the 3rd Armored Division Archives that showed him assigned to H company 32d Armor. My great uncle was killed in action on February 26th 1945. From my research I understand the 32d Armor was in contact outside the town of Blatzheim on that day. Thank you for your time and help.

Robert Rielly

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