Sgt. Jack D. Wood

Jack D. Wood, served as a tank commander with the 3rd AD and fought until he was hit on 13 Sep 44. He is now dead and never spoke much about the war. I just have a few recollections of his experiences. I remember he told me he spent the night in a small town and the next morning (13 Sep 44) he headed out of town and was within 10 miles or so when the tank was hit by a camouflaged German 88 setting in the road ahead. The round went through the front killing the driver before taking off my Dad�s foot at the ankle. He jumped from the turret remembering only he was the last one in the tank. He hit and rolled to put out what he thought was a fire on his lower leg before realizing his foot was gone at the legging. He eventually crawled through a field to a pillbox where a young medic was reluctant to help him because he thought he was a German booby trap. A chaplain finally administered medical treatment to my Dad. He was returned to the states where the rest of his leg was amputated below the knee.

Jack D. Wood


WW II 1941-45

Wallace D. Caillouet, Supply; Past Editor of the 3 AD Newsletter
Published The Herotic Actions of the Tank Aces that won them
the distinction of being inducted into the Army Hall of Fame,
Fort Knox, Ky.. as a "TANK ACE."

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